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Would You?

     As a business owner, if you could help both exploited children and disabled veterans WITHOUT donating time or money, would you?

HINRI is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on serving disabled veterans, exploited children, food insecurity, vaccines, and other projects (please click here to view our latest executive summary).

Datamotio funds our work by giving us a percentage of their revenue for any new clients we bring them for the lifetime of that client relationship.

    "If your business could save thousands of dollars while truly helping both children and veterans WITHOUT donating any money, would you?"

I am hoping you will see this as a cause worthy of your time and consideration (please find a brief summary below).

In sincerest gratitude,
Jason Brown

Associate Director | | M.770.807.5885

Additional Info

DATAMOTIO––Datamotio funds our work by giving us a percentage of their revenue for any new clients we bring them for the lifetime of that client relationship. Datamotio partners with First Data to provide solutions that improve cybersecurity, lower credit card processing costs and create revenue from a company’s accounts payable. Datamotio’s solutions have reduced their clients’ electronic payment costs anywhere from 20-100%, and have created, in some cases, between $1 million and $65 million revenue annually back to the client. There is no cost for use and implementation of the solutions. Their clients
include: Johnson & Johnson, GE, Stanford, Northwestern, the University of Michigan, Four Seasons, Fairmont, the New York Times, the Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai and Anthem (the largest for-profit Blue Cross Blue Shield in the US which had $90 billion in revenue in 2017). Please view these links to learn more… One, Two, and Three.

PAIN FACTOR?––Datamotio knows it can be a real headache whenever you change providers, hardware, systems, etc. even when it’s for a good cause! Erik Post, Datamotio’s CFO, is committed to making your transition smooth and completely glitch free. He would be happy to sit down with you to show you how Datamotio can save your business money without having to change any hardware.

COMMUNITY FOUNDATION––If you would like to explore creating a community foundation that would be 100% funded by Datamotio or if there is a charitable cause you are particularly passionate about, we can help with this. Just let us know!

Please call (770) 807-5885 or email anytime if you’d like to learn more.