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Molly's Marathon to Reverse Paralysis

My name is Molly Leidig. I will be running my 4th marathon on October 10th in Chicago, while fundraising and dedicating my training to a very special cause. 

The Reversing Paralysis Project


I am fundraising in honor of a dear friend of mine who is participating in a clinical trial funded by HINRI at UCLA in California. My dear friend is one of 1.4 million individuals who suffer from paralysis in the United States. Of these individuals, 27,000 are United States veterans. These individuals are often given little to no hope to help with their injury once it is evaluated as complete, but HINRI is partnering with UCLA using new technology through transcutaneous electrical stimulation to help renew hope for people affected by paralysis. 

HINRI Labs, or the Healthcare Institute for NeuroRecovery and Innovation, created the Reversing Paralysis Project to change the standard of care for chronic spinal cord injuries nationwide.

Peter, a patient in the clinical trial. 

HINRI's work with the VA and Veterans only further adds to my personal connection to this cause as my mother, father, two brothers, and multiple other cousins, uncles and grandparents have served in the United States Military. 

I feel honored and invigorated to use my gift and love for running to help those attain the goal of being able to do the same. 

Please consider donating to this incredible cause to provide hope and recovery to individuals with spinal cord injuries.


Ignacio, a patient in the clinical trial. 

HINRI Chairman,

General Larry Ellis (ret.) 

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