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HINRI stands for . . .

The High Impact Network of Responsible Innovators

Golden Gate Bridge

Our Mission

To connect social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations to sources of capital, strategic partners, technology solutions and servant leaders so they are more effective at saving lives, saving money and having a sustainable impact.

Ross Mason speaking at HINRI Vision Summit

What We Do...

We are an accelerator for nonprofits with big ideas. Our venture philanthropy approach mirrors how angel investors help entrepreneurs build companies that can scale effectively and reduce risk for investors and donors.

In the United States, HINRI partners with leading healthcare innovators to serve the indigent and uninsured, wounded warriors and their families, address food insecurity, create educational programs for autistic children, change the standard of care for spinal cord injuries, and combat human trafficking. Outside the U.S., HINRI is working on human rights, providing clean water, food for malnourished children, the distribution of pharmaceuticals and the creation of schools, housing, and health clinics in communities with extreme poverty.


Our Values

Blue Shield_4x.png
Commitment to

"If you are not living on the edge

you are taking up too much room."

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"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far,

go together." – African Proverb

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We seek strong partners that allow us to outgrow our

ability to contribute as quickly as possible.

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“There is no limit to what God can accomplish
if you don't mind who gets the credit.” – Robert Woodruff

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A focus on Compassion, Love, and Service

NOT brand, money or ego.


Our Team

Executive Team

Ross Mason.jpeg

Ross Mason

Founder (bio)

Kelly McCutchen

Executive Director (bio)


Ignacio Montoya

Executive Director of HINRI Labs (bio)


Jason Brown

Executive Assistant

Board of Directors

General Larry Ellis.jpg

Gen. Larry Ellis (ret.)

Chairman, HINRI


MRS_ELLIS with flag_01.jpg

Jean Ellis

Paul Snyder.jpeg

Paul Snyder

Co-Founder of Charity Builders, LLC

Amy O'Dell.JPG
Patty Totaro.jpeg

Amy O'Dell

Secretary, HINRI

Jacob's Ladder

Patty Totaro

Treasurer, HINRI

Reed, Totaro, & Johnson

Michael Edmeades.jpeg

Michael Edmeades

Vice Chairman, HINRI


Michele Sarkisian.jpeg

Michele Sarkisian

P3 Advisors

Pete Petit

The Petit Group

Kirk Sarkisian.jpeg

Kirk Sarkisian

XXI Century Financial 

Kelly McCutchen

Executive Director, HINRI


Bill Ide


Janet Petit

The Petit Group

Dr. S. Bryan Hickox

Bryan Hickox Pictures, Inc. 

Advisory Board

Steve Cesari Photo.jpg
Ben Patterson Photo.jpg

Steve Cesari

Cesari Ignite

Ben Patterson

P3 Advisors

Trey Ragsdale.jpeg
Katie Bell.jpeg

Trey Ragsdale

Kaiser Permanente

Katie Bell

Korn Ferry

Bob Bozeman.jpeg

Bob Bozeman

Angel Investors LP

Brendan Doherty - Shoot 1 (1).jpg

Brendan Doherty

Forbes Impact

Ron Bachman.jpg
No Image.png

Ron Bachman

Healthcare Visions

Tucker Greene

Goldman Sachs

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