Global Health Innovation Campus

From 1999 to 2005, Ross Mason served as a strategic adviser to the €500 million investment in Incubation Campus Wolfsburg (ICW) in Germany. The ICW project included a €280 million venture fund that invested in 341 early-stage companies in healthcare, information technology, mobility and entertainment and helped to reduce unemployment in Wolfsburg, Germany from 17.2 percent just 6.4 percent over a decade. 


In 2004, Ross moved back to Georgia to attempt to replicate the healthcare piece of the ICW model in Georgia because he believed the state was uniquely positioned to be a national and international leader in health innovation. Ross wanted to combine the drive, innovation and entrepreneurship of Silicon Valley venture capital with the compassion, love and community he experienced in an African AIDS hospital to solve the greatest challenges in state, national and global health. 


In 2012, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation published “Health Care: A Road Map to Innovation”.

In 2015, Ross wrote a white paper on a Georgia Health Innovation Campus.

In 2019, HINRI partnered with the Georgia Global Health Alliance to make the dream a reality.

On Sunday February 23, 2020, this front-page article in the Sunday edition of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution made the first formal announcement of the project.

Look for more exciting announcements soon!

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