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About HINRI (High Impact Network of Responsible Innovators)

In 2007, Ross Mason was injured in a bike accident while training for IRONMAN New Zealand. He suffered a complete break in his spinal cord at C-6 and was later told he would never have any movement or sensation below his collar bones.


Prior to his accident, Ross was actively involved in triathlons, wreck, cave, and ice diving, surfing, rock and ice climbing, and was a NASCAR-trained driver. He lived and worked in San Francisco from 1999 to 2004 where he started and sold a healthcare software company. He also worked for Volkswagen’s Healthcare Venture Accelerator Fund in Germany, was an Associate in Private Banking at Morgan Stanley, and created a real estate investment and development company in Moscow, Russia that he owned and operated for 12 years. 


Ross founded HINRI in 2004 in an effort to combine the drive, innovation and entrepreneurship of Silicon Valley with the compassion, love and community he experienced in an African AIDS hospital to solve the greatest challenges in state, national and global health. HINRI connects social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations to sources of capital, strategic partners, technology solutions and servant leaders so that they are more effective at saving lives, saving money and having a sustainable impact. 

Clockwise from back left: Andre Ajayi, NeuroRecovery Specialist and Exercise Physiologist; Kelly McCutchen, Executive Director (HINRI); Ignacio Montoya, Executive Director (HINRI Labs); and Ross Mason, Founder (HINRI) at the HINRI Labs Gait Training Facility.

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