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Ross Mason Named Innovator in Residence

Below is an excerpt from a story published by Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business. The full version can be found here.

In January 2020 we launched the TI:GER Alumni Council, a new initiative with more than 50 TI:GER alumni, to assist students during and after the program. Margi Berbari, former TI:GER Director, is Chair of the TI:GER Alumni Council and Chair of the TI:GER Network. Chris Lee, a TI:GER alumnus, is the TI:GER Entrepreneur in Residence. Ross Mason is the Innovator in Residence and Sig Mosley is the TI:GER Venture Capitalist in Residence. They frequently hold office hours to meet with MBA and PhD students to answer questions and help them with their projects and careers.

Throughout the three semesters of the TI:GER program, TI:GER students are challenged, guided, and inspired by TI:GER alumni mentors with successful careers in technology innovation. Their background and expertise give students practical, insightful, and professional advice. Projects come from Georgia Tech PhD students and from CDL-Atlanta.

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