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Running for a Cure for Paralysis - $15,000 raised

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Molly Leidig finished the Chicago Marathon Sunday in three hours and 28 minutes, qualifying for the Boston Marathon and raising more than $15,000 for HINRI's Reversing Paralysis Project.

Molly Leidig after running the Chicago Marathon

Molly decided to undertake this project in honor of a dear friend who is one of 1.4 million individuals in the United States paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury. These individuals are often given little to no hope to recover from their injury once it is diagnosed as "complete," meaning no function or sensation below the injury. One hundred percent of the funds raised by Molly will be dedicated to support a HINRI-sponsored clinical trial at UCLA focused on a new technology - transcutaneous electrical stimulation - that has been successful in renewing function and sensation for individuals with complete paralysis.

HINRI's work with the VA and Veterans only further added to Molly's personal connection to this cause as her mother, father, two brothers, and multiple other cousins, uncles and grandparents have served in the United States Military.

"Compassionate doctors and nurses like Molly were the key in my journey of recovery from spinal cord injury. We at HINRI are blessed to have Molly's assistance as we raise funds for this important clinical trial, but we are also inspired by the leadership and compassion Molly demonstrates every day as a nurse and by taking the initiative to go above and beyond to help others," said Gen. Larry Ellis, Chairman of the HINRI Board.

General Larry Ellis
Gen. Larry Ellis; Chairman, HINRI

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